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Piano Tuning in Surrey

All Types of Piano

We tune all sizes, makes and types of acoustic pianos at their current pitch

In-Depth Assessments

We provide in-depth assessments for all our new customers

Perfect Pitch Technician

Dinh Ngo has 35 years' experience and has perfect pitch

Services - Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning in Surrey -The Expertise You Need

Moonlight Pianos offers high-quality, customised piano tuning in Surrey and the surrounding areas. 

Pianos are rather complicated.  Equally, they can lose their tuning due to changes in  temperature, humidity or when they are transported.

Additionally, even if they remain in a stable environment, they will benefit from tuning once, or perhaps twice a year to keep them at their melodic best.

Meet Your Piano Tuner

Dinh Ngo, a fully trained and highly experienced piano tuner and technician, and a member of the Pianoforte Tuners’ Association, has the experience and skills to adjust the tension of your piano’s strings and keep them constant. The result?  Your piano’s tone will be perfect.    

A beautiful instrument, beautifully played. Well, there’s no finer sound. 

Why Do You Need to Tune Your Piano?

Mainly, tuning a piano ensures that playing the instrument, and of course listening to it being played, is an enjoyable, satisfying thing to do. Off-key pianos are rather painful to hear! What’s more, almost everyone can spot an out-of-tune piano, even if they don’t consider themselves musical.

In our opinion, pianos aren’t easy to master. Therefore, if you do reach a certain level of skill, you’ll appreciate a high-quality sound. Also, you’ll have your much-loved piano just waiting for you to use straight away, rather than a white elephant gathering dust and developing further faults as it lies forlorn in another room.

Don’t forget: regular tuning will identify any minor faults or damage to the piano’s internal parts before they cause further (and more expensive) harm. In short, when it comes to your piano, a stitch in time really does save nine.

If you’re interested to learn more about how our services for piano tuning in Surrey can strike the right note, get in touch through this website.

Piano Tuning in Surrey - What Do We Offer?

We tune all sizes, makes, and types of acoustic pianos at their current pitch unless you require your instrument to be raised to concert pitch, which is A440hz.  However, there’s extra work involved here, so call us on 01932 336672 to discuss your options. 

Please note that we do NOT tune pianolas

If you’re new to Moonlight Pianos, we offer an in-depth assessment,. Furthermore, we’ll always manage your expectations in terms of costs and the time the work will take.

Pitch Raising. If your piano hasn’t been tuned for a long time, its pitch can drop from its original level, and it may take a few tunings to re-align the strings to their original tension and tone. But don’t worry. In this situation, we’ll always advise you, and we can discuss how best to help you, although of course additional visits may be needed. 

Alternatively, you may wish its pitch to be higher than at present.  (Not all pianos will be suitable for pitch raising, though, and concert pitch level will take longer.)

Piano Tuning in Surrey - How much does it cost?

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