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Piano Restoration in Surrey

Piano Rebuilding

Piano rebuilding will bring the piano back to its original condition, giving it a new lease of life.

Piano Reconditioning

The process of putting a piano back in good condition.

Restoration and Reconditioning for your Piano

Moonlight Pianos offers high-quality piano restoration in Surrey, as well as Hampshire, south London, and Slough. 

If your piano needs some tender loving care but you’re based further afield, we may also be able to help.  Get in touch for more information.

The sound of the piano is absolutely wonderful. But, it’s a complex instrument with many internal parts. And, time or prolonged heavy use may degrade its condition.  Moonlight Pianos has the experience and skill you need to bring it back to life for you and your family to enjoy it all over again – for many years.

To explain what we men, we offer part restoration, which involves partly reconditioning the instrument. And, full restoration – rebuilding your piano completely.

Why does a piano need to be restored?

To maintain its value. Famous name pianos, such as Bechstein, Steinway & Sons, Buthner, Bosendorfer, Yamaha, Steinweg, Kawai and so on are costly, much-treasured items for the amateur and professional piano connoisseur alike.  Obviously, with high build standards, their tone is distinctively beautiful. In our view, they almost sound expensive. So, you need an expert touch to preserve and sustain their intrinsic value.

Personal attachment. Has your piano almost become part of the family? Does everyone gather around it at Christmas, or at special occasions? With this in mind, keep those wonderful times and restore important childhood memories.

Sentimental and historical value. Pianos can take us back to the past. A link with those who have gone before us, restoring the family piano will give great joy to generations to come. And, who knows, perhaps someone famous has been tinkling the ivories?

Get in touch for more information about our piano restoration in Surrey.

How we work?

Dinh Ngo, our expert piano tuner and technician will offer you a full assessment during a visit to your home, followed with a written quote, and an estimated completion date.

It’s worth knowing that not all pianos will need to be fully restored; depending on their condition or your requirements, some only need a degree of work, so we’ll manage your expectations fully here.  

All our restoration and will be carried out at our workshop.  You’re very welcome to come and see how we are getting on.

And afterwards, you’ll have the full peace of mind of knowing that all our work is guaranteed for 2 years.

What’s involved in piano rebuilding?

<span style=”background-color: var( –e-global-color-nvsitebg );”>Piano rebuilding will bring the piano back to its original condition giving it a new lease of life.</span> The work involves:

What is involved in piano re-conditioning

The process of putting a piano back in good condition. The work involves:

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As you can see, the fully range of both services are in-depth thorough and will require an expert hand to return your instrument to its former glory. We’ll always let you know precisely the amount of work that needs to be done to improve its condition and appearance.

Do get in touch if you would like to know more about piano restoration in Surrey

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