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Services for Pianos in Guildford

Piano Tuning, Servicing and Repairs in Guildford, Surrey

Are you looking for high-quality services for pianos in Guildford and the surrounding areas? You’re literally on the right page. Moonlight Pianos is an independent business in Surrey, offering piano tuning, restoration, and repairs, as well as regular servicing.

We can help you, and the people who listen to your playing, to enjoy the majestic majesty of the piano at its best.

Who Do We Work With?

In a nutshell, wherever there’s a piano, Moonlight Pianos is here to offer you our highest standards of workmanship and expertise:

*Important: Please make sure that the room in which the piano is kept, and that the surrounding areas will be a suitable environment for it to be tuned.  For example, that there are no noisy activities, and that our piano tuner will not be disturbed.

Make a regular date (ideally twice a year) with Moonlight Pianos for tuning and servicing; any minor repairs that we spot can be rectified quickly, and periodical tuning will keep its tone accurate and stable.

Piano Repairs

Piano Repairs

Don’t let your piano lie lonely, forlorn and forgotten in another room.  Actually, pianos like being played. Get in touch with Moonlight Pianos if yours needs repairing. 

We’re well versed in everything there is to know about pianos, and how they can go wrong: broken hammers and strings, sticky notes, a strange “tinny” sound, or perhaps the pedals have stopped working.  Whatever ails your beloved piano, we can put things right. 

Piano Tuning

Our piano tuner, Dinh Ngo a member of the Pianoforte Tuners’ Association has perfect pitch and will tune your piano by ear. He can tune all sizes, makes and types of acoustic piano at their current pitch, unless you need it to be raised to concert pitch, which we can discuss with you as an option (not all pianos will be suitable for this.)


Piano Servicing

Let Moonlight Pianos keep your piano in perfect working order – just as you would with your car. For example, we offer regulation (adjustments or repairs to the instrument’s moving parts), voicing (changing its tone), or refacing (improving its tone).

Piano Restoration

If you live in Guildford, and you would like your piano to be restored to its original, or near-original condition, do get in touch.

Pianos offer such joy. And, with our custom restoration services, you and your family could be enjoying the sound of music for several years to come. 

Our Customers

Get in touch via this website or on 01932 336672 or 07792 204265
Please note that in certain circumstances we will charge a call-out fee and that some services may require more than one visit.

How we work

A regular, twice-a-year date with Moonlight Pianos will keep your piano in optimum condition. 

Please note that in certain circumstances we will charge a call-out fee, and that some services may require more than one visit.

What our customers are saying

35 years' experience

Dinh Ngo has over 35 years' experience in piano tuning, servicing and repair

Member of the PTA

Dinh Ngo is a member of the prestigious Pianoforte Tuners' Association

Piano Services in Guildford

We provide piano services to all locations in Guildford