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Piano tuning, Servicing and Repairs in Farnham, Surrey

Moonlight Pianos provides services for pianos in Farnham, Surrey.

If you live or work in Farnham, and you need an experienced piano tuner, repairer, restorer, or expert in piano servicing, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

We offer a range of expertise for all types, sizes, and makes of acoustic piano throughout the local area.  Whether your piano is a little (or a lot) out of tune, needs some tender loving care or you just think that something is amiss, Moonlight Pianos can restore it to its former, tuneful glory.

With over 35 years’ experience, and a member of the Pianoforte Tuners’ Association, Dinh Ngo not only has the know-how you need, he also has perfect pitch.  As a result, your piano will be tuned by ear with a long-lasting, accurate and stable tone, ready for you to play and enjoy.

Piano Repairs

Piano Repairs

Piano repairs are just one of the bespoke services for pianos in Farnham that we offer.

On the whole, pianos are sensitive instruments.  With over 8,000 internal parts in many cases, it’s no surprise that they can go wrong.  You may have noticed a sharp, tin-like tone, or discovered that the pedals aren’t doing their job anymore.  Maybe some strings are broken, or the hammers have been damaged.

Dinh Ngo, Moonlight Piano’s qualified and experienced piano tuner will be able fully to assess what’s gone wrong and offer you a quote to get everything in perfect working order again.{

Piano Tuning

Changes in temperature and humidity, as well as being moved or transported can affect its tuning.

Regular tuning (ideally, every 6 months) will keep your piano at its melodious best and spot any issues before they possibly become an expensive problem.

If you require your instrument to be tuned to concert pitch, get in touch to discuss your options and we’ll be happy to offer a quote.  However, not all pianos are suitable for this.

Piano Servicing

Keeping your piano at its best is only achieved with regular servicing. Our expertise includes work in:

Regulation: adjusting the mechanical parts to repair wear and tear

Voicing: if you’d prefer a different tone, we can oblige

Refacing: re-shaping the hammer heads if they have become grooved over time.

Piano Restoration

There are many reasons for having the Piano Restoration to bringing them back to life for you to cherish and enjoying using it for many more years to come

Our Customers

Wherever you keep your piano and whatever you use it for, Moonlight Pianos is just a phone call away on 01932 336672 or 07792 204265

*Important: A suitable environment for our piano tuner is a must: please ensure that there are no loud activities or any other music playing in the rooms near or next to where your piano is being tuned, repaired or serviced.

Please note that in certain circumstances we will charge a call out fee, and that some services may require more than one visit.

How we work

A regular, twice-a-year date with Moonlight Pianos will keep your piano in optimum condition. Please note that in certain circumstances we will charge a call-out fee, and that some services may require more than one visit. If you are looking for services for pianos in Farnham, do get in touch on 01932 336 672.

35 years' experience

Dinh Ngo has over 35 years' experience in piano tuning, servicing and repair '

Member of the PTA

Dinh Ngo is a member of the prestigious Pianoforte Tuners' Association

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