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Services for Pianos in Leatherhead

Piano Tuning, Servicing and Repairs in Leatherhead, Surrey

If you live or work in Leatherhead, and you need your piano to be tuned, serviced, repaired, or restored, Moonlight Pianos is looking forward to hearing from you on 01932 336672 or 07792 204265.  

We offer a range of professional services for pianos in Leatherhead and throughout Surrey.  Whether you have an upright piano, a baby grand, or a grand piano, we can work with all makes and models to return your beloved instrument to its tuneful best. And,  help to keep it at piano lover perfection for many years to come.

Piano Repairs

Piano Repairs

It’s obvious that things can and do go wrong with pianos.  

After all, each piano has about 8,000 internal workings.  But, we’re here to solve your piano problems. Whether it’s a sticky note or two, the pedals creek, there’s a broken castor, or you suspect that there may damage to the hammers or strings, Moonlight Pianos offers high quality remedial work to put things right.

Piano Tuning

Pianos should be tuned every 6 months to maintain their accuracy and tone.

Moonlight Pianos can tune pianos to concert pitch. Plus, we offer  pitch raising and re-voicing.  However, pianos are sensitive instruments, so these specifications may not always be possible for every piano. Or, it may need more than one visit.  Get in touch with us to find out more.

Piano Servicing

In our opinion, your piano will benefit from a service every 2 years. 

Regular maintenance will be key to helping you – and it – perform to high standards.  Over time, minor faults or damage may occur, and you may not spot them. Let us offer your piano some TLC on a regular basis.

Refacing: are the hammers starting to wear?  We can fix this problem.

Regulation: we’ll adjust the internal, mechanical parts to put right any wear and tear,

Voicing: would you like your piano to have a different tone? We may be able to change this for you.

Piano Restoration

There are so many reasons for having your piano restored to its original, or nearly-new condition. For one thing, it will better keep its value, and slow down any further damage caused by neglect.

But most importantly, asking Moonlight Pianos for a bespoke piano restoration service will fill your home with much-missed music and offer a focal point for your family.  Click through to find out more.

Our Customers

We service domestic households, professional musicians, concert venues, care homes*.

*Important: Please make sure that the room in which the piano is kept, and that the surrounding areas will be a suitable environment for it to be tuned.  For example, that there are no noisy activities, and that our piano tuner will not be disturbed.

Get in touch via this website or on 01932 336672 or 07792 204265

Sometimes, we may charge a call-out fee, and some services may need additional visits.

How we work

A regular, twice-a-year date with Moonlight Pianos will keep your piano in optimum condition. 

Please note that in certain circumstances we will charge a call-out fee, and that some services may require more than one visit.

What our customers are saying

35 years' experience

Dinh Ngo has over 35 years' experience in piano tuning, servicing and repair

Member of the PTA

Dinh Ngo is a member of the prestigious Pianoforte Tuners' Association

Piano Services in Leatherhead

We provide piano services to all locations in Leatherhead