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Piano Servicing in Surrey

Major and Minor Piano Servicing in Surrey

We are Surrey based specialists, providing major and minor piano serving.

Your Piano - Back to Its Best

We’ll be able to restore your piano to its near-original state. 

Highest Standards of Care

Pianos are wonderful instruments, so we treat them with lots of love, care and attention.

Piano Servicing in Surrey

Moonlight Pianos are specialists in piano servicing in Surrey.  

With over 35 years’ experience, we love pianos as much as you do. In fact, our technical expertise and knowledge mean that we’ll be able to restore your piano to its near-original state. 

We offer you our absolute best standards of quality and care

No doubt you’ll agree with us: pianos are wonderful instruments. Why? Because they’re elegant, beautiful and intricate. And, with a range close to that of the human voice, they’ve been an important part of our love of music since their invention in the early 18th century. There are so many reasons to have a passion for pianos. Firstly, they’re great for our mental health and brain function. Plus, they sound wonderful. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love entertaining their friends?

So, let’s look after this king of instruments.

Here at Moonlight Pianos, we recommend that you book us to service your piano every two years to keep it at its tuneful best.

Our customised approach to piano servicing in Surrey

There’s no one-size-fits-all customer. Every piano is unique and will have distinct issues.  Elements of our service include:

Regulation: adjusting the mechanical aspects of your piano to make up for the effects of wear and tear, including changes in its wooden and felt parts.  Temperature changes or humidity can cause hammers to malfunction, pedals to squeak, or notes to stick.  In short, the piano is hard to play. We can put this all right.

Refacing: where hammers have been hitting the strings over a long period of time, they may have worn out.  The piano may sound harsh.  Refacing helps to flatten out the surface of the hammer, thus improving the tone.  We’ll also adjust the distance between the hammer and the sledge.

Voicing: adjusting the hammers to change the sound and tone of your piano to your personal preference.

Re-stringing Services

For the best quality, most beautiful sound, Moonlight Pianos can change all, part of or just a single “dead” string. This service is particularly relevant to grand pianos.

Keyboard / key notes

Small chips and/or dents on the edges of the keys can be repaired or replaced.  Additionally, we can re-glue the ivories – however, the join will still be visible.


Case work

We’ll bring your piano back to its beautiful best. If the outwork of your piano has faded (perhaps it’s been placed in direct sunlight) or has some scratches on it, Moonlight Pianos has the expertise to repair or re-varnish it.

Changing the castors

Do you need to move your piano around? Some models have metal wheels that can damage your flooring; other, older pianos may have rusty, or even broken wheels.  Let us replace them with rubber or plastic ones that are totally in keeping with the make and style of your piano.

Bracket castor and fitting an

Continuous movement across uneven surfaces for pianos used in public places, such as concert venues, churches, schools, clubs and so on can cause damage to the instrument’s wheels, or even break the leg of a grand piano in certain circumstances.

Moonlight Pianos always has instant access to safety bracket castors and A-frames, should we need to use them.

Bracket castors

We’ll protect your upright piano by putting it on castors, thus helping to distribute its weight evenly throughout – and much more secure and stable to move

Fitting an A-frame

For a grand piano, we’ll attach its three wheels to an A-Frame.  The frame’s rubber/plastic wheels take the weight of the piano, rather than the wheels of the instrument itself.  Also, in this way we can avoid any damage to the piano’s legs.

We offer major and minor servicing options

A small call out fee to inspect your instrument’s condition will be levied for us to assess what needs doing.  However, we will reduce this amount from your servicing costs if you accept our quote.

Is your piano a little run down?

Perhaps you need a professional to give it a clean bill of health, piano servicing from Moonlight Pianos will – to paraphrase a well-loved comedian of yesteryear– help you to play all the right notes…in the right order.

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