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Piano Repairs in Surrey

Deterioration and Damage

We can restore your piano back to a good condition

Sticky Keys

This is a common problem which we can put right

Pedal Problems

There may be a number of causes, and we can fix this problem for you.

Surrey Based Piano Repairs

Based in Surrey, and with over 35 years’ experience, we offer expert piano repair and restoration services to bring back your piano to its tuneful best.  Pianos are wonderful, melodious instruments that give joy to the player and the audience alike, but if yours has gone wrong in some way, get in touch with Moonlight Pianos.

We can make good any deterioration or damage and restore it to its rightful place in the family home, community centre, concert hall – in fact, anywhere it needs to be, to make beautiful music again.

Dinh Ngo is a fully trained and highly qualified piano technician.  His knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of the piano is second to none. Dinh will diagnose and repair your instrument to the highest quality standards.

What can go wrong in a piano?

Over time, and with regular use as well as general wear and tear, a piano often needs remedial repairs to get it working properly again. The keyboard may need to be regulated and adjusted, the action and pedal system may lose precision, or the instrument may develop mechanical difficulties.

In fact, anything can happen.  For example, as well as temperature and humidity changes, accidents may cause damage.  An enthusiastic youngster could have been a little too, well, enthusiastic and broken something.  Or, you may have accidentally dropped an object – even crumbs – into the piano.

Don’t be concerned, but equally – don’t try and repair things yourself.  Whether you have a grand, baby grand or an upright piano, it’s Moonlight Pianos to the rescue.

What's Happened to Your Piano?

Sticky Piano Keys

When a key sticks, you’ll notice it immediately. In the UK, as we mentioned, our changing weather patterns, humidity can cause this.  It’s quite a common problem.  In fact, it’s the issue we treat most often.  Heat or cold can even affect new pianos, not least if the instrument is kept in a room with an unstable temperature.

Problems with Piano Pedals

If you find that the damper or sustain pedals aren’t working properly, there may be a number of causes, and we can put this problem right for you.

Other issues we can fix

Pianos are complicated instruments, so it makes sense that any minor faults should be dealt with promptly, to avoid further deterioration.

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