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Minor and Major Piano Servicing in Surrey

Minor Piano Servicing

Recommended once every 2-5 years for your piano (depending on piano condition). This service includes:

Major Piano Servicing

Recommended once every 5-10 years for your piano. 

Please note:  A major service is subject to an initial piano evaluation. 

35 years' experience

Dinh Ngo has over 35 years' experience in piano tuning, servicing and repair

Member of the PTA

Dinh Ngo is a member of the prestigious Pianoforte Tuners' Association

Highly Skilled

Dinh Ngo, B.Mus. Music Theory, Music Composition and Conducting (Conservatory of Saigon City, Viet Nam)

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Your piano will be in expert hands we have 35 years’ experience and we are members of the Piano Tuners Association!