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Other Changes

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Dinh Ngo is a member of the Pianoforte Tuners' Association
  • Dinh Ngo has tuned my piano and I found him to be very thorough and diligent and his prices competitive. I was most impressed with the service he gave, as not only did he tune my piano but also offered to mend the music stand, which has been broken for some time! I wish Dinh much success in his enterprise and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who has a piano that...
    Pam Lunn - Piano Teacher, Woking
  • I was extremely impressed with Moonlight Pianos. Not only were they were very accommodating when I needed to change the date of my appointment at short notice, but they tuned my piano brilliantly (it has been given a new lease of life!) and at a very reasonable cost. I would thoroughly recommend them.
    Rachel - Bethersden, Kent.
  • “Dinh has brought back to life our baby grand piano. He has taken it from a rather out of tune and slightly dilapidated instrument, to one that sounds and feels fantastic. This was entirely due to his hard work and diligence. I am so happy with the result. I feel I got extremely good value for money and would use him and Moonlight Pianos again in an instant. Five...
    DAVE PIPER - Hampton – Great London
  • 2. Mr Dinh Ngo brought back to life a barely playable 1880s STEINWAY & SON grand. The work involved: Replacing all the hammer heads (over the years the string had worn grooves into them), Servicing the action (replacement of felts, centre pins, springs etc as necessary), Polishing the ivory keys so that they are now clean and of a uniform colour,-Thoroughly cleaning the...
    DEIRDRE WADDINGTON(2) (B.Arch,RIBA ARCHITECT) Ivy Mill Lane, Godstone, Surrey
  • 1. Mr. Dinh Ngo has reconditioned my 1930s John Broadwood & Son upright by: -Replacing the hardened dampers; -Softening the hammer heads and carrying out sundry small repairs. I have been very please with the result.
    DEIRDRE WADDINGTON (B.Arch,RIBA ARCHITECT) Ivy Mill Lane, Godstone, Surrey
  • Mr. Dinh Ngo came to our rescue. He carefully explained in detail what needed to be done. He gave advice on how to restore the woodwork and clean out the inside, while he took away the action part from inside to mend the worn-out dampers, ribbons and leather pieces, etc... I have been very pleased with his conscientious service and his attention to detail.
    Cecilia Cameron - Redhill, Surrey
  • Thank you so much for tuning our piano yesterday. I played it when I came home from work and it was a pleasure. You did an excellent job. We look forward to seeing you next time and will be happy to recommend you to our friends for piano tuning.
    Jill Hollingbery - New Malden
  • We have a 45 year old piano, bought new when I started to play, and one by one the bass strings were breaking. Now my children were playing it to Grade 6, I didn't want to throw it away. We found Mr Ngo's services excellent and he provided a very reasonable quote to replace the bass section strings.
    Peter Walmsley, Lightwater-Surrey